Welcome to our First Story Session!

When I started down this path of setting up Process Storytelling Enterprises and looking deep within to understand the why I wanted this journey to begin so badly, I had to define purpose and goals. Wellllll… that part was clear and easy,

I wanted to do what I loved and help others ignite their passion and become positive change ambassadors as they learn and grow.

However… fast forward to having to choose that very first ‘story’ to write about and enter stage left this daunting, herculean task that has literally made my head hurt. There are so many amazing topics that I want to explore with you after all. So how could I pick a ‘first’???

The deciding factor ended up being that I needed to be true to myself. I have many core – like in every fiber of my being, beliefs that drive me and determine my behaviors. Being practical is at the top, so I’m going to introduce you to one of top beliefs now:


Never do 1 thing for 1, always aim to do more…


Meaning if you can accomplish more than 1 thing, then do that!

Which means this first story is to give you both a deeper understanding of what fires my brain, how I approach things, and a preview of what to expect in future storytelling sessions.



Passion, that fire in my brain and heart, the compass for my direction… is to continuously improve and help others succeed. I love what I do and equally love helping others uncover a passion for Process Storytelling. Afterall, just as Aerosmith says in their lyrics ‘…life’s a journey, not a destination…’.

Let’s use these Story Sessions for all they can be, let’s go on a journey and not just understand a theory, but see how we can potentially embed what we learn from each other. Besides, there is nothing more fun than a road trip! I’ll make killer snacks for the road and of course… shot gun!!



Naturally being the practical soul that I am… My approach will always be to offer my perspectives, highlight options for how it could be tweaked to meet your needs, and ask you about your experiences with it. Being a continual learner and voracious reader, I have gleaned many things throughout my life and career. Add into that my constant focus on the root and I categorize learning into two things: (1) what to do and (2) what NOT to do.

As you read through our future stories, continually ask yourself, if there is a takeaway that will help you today or in the future.


Future Story Sessions

Honestly, our Story Sessions will be multifaceted and focus on co-creating value for individual professionals, business leaders, and organizations by educating on the importance of having a symbiotic understanding of storytelling, process design, and change management. It’s about being able to reach your audience and end users in a way that will foster positive change by letting their process tell the real story.

Plan to dive into areas like:

  • Storytelling
  • Process Design
  • Change Management
  • Frameworks
  • Analysis and Measurements
  • Best Practices
  • And so much MORE!


Looking forward to singing off key with you during the journey and hoping that you find an amazing trinket along the way that you can cherish.


The founder of Process Storytelling Enterprises in Idaho’s Treasure Valley, JoAnna holds an MBA from Colorado Technical University with a focus on Organizational Behavior, Magnum Cum Laude and a BS in Finance. Including ITIL 4 Foundations, Essence of eXperience, LSSBB and PMP certifications. Her posts focus on delving into the extensive tools of the trade to help sharpen your skillset, stretch beyond your comfort zone as a leader, and improve your business' perpetual ability to successfully identify how to co-create value.

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