Let’s begin our Story Session No. 2!

This Story is aimed at giving you an understanding of the ‘what’ Process Storytelling is and ‘how’ you can utilize it in your day to day.


Welcome to Process Storytelling 101


Sooooo, what is process storytelling and why on earth should anyone, let alone you, care?

1 word… Value

Value for YOU…

Value for an ORGANIZATION…

Value for ANYONE…

If you’ve ever been the target of a poor execution that has done nothing but waste your time, energy, or desire to continue a relation with that person or organization. Then this is why you need to care!

So how do we sign up for this value and how do we get there? Let’s start by understanding and defining ‘what’ the most sustainable type of value is: Co-Created Value

Co-created value is an amazingly sweet spot to be in. This is where the relationship is between not just the customer and an organization, but within each of us as ambassadors of the value chain that holds us together. In order to ensure that your value chain remains strong, you need help by directing energy into your Process Storytelling techniques.

PROCESS STORYTELLING is more than a process mapping methodology, more than a Lean Six Sigma or continuous improvement endeavor. Nor is it a gimmick to get a customer in the door. It’s about never doing 1 thing for 1. It’s about always doing 1 for 2 or more. Think of it as the roadmap for your journey

Intriguing right? Then let’s begin with a story… the story of how Process and Design wrapped within Change Management create the foundations for success.




Process, a simple two syllable word that can knock a person, leader, or organization to its knees quicker than you can say ‘watch out…’. And why is it, that the most simplistic things become so convoluted and entangled that they trip us up? Because a process is more than a diagram on a piece of paper or a description in a procedure. It’s a complex roadway, a delivery system that involves many passengers, different drivers, and multi point check stops along the way…

Process, when done right, is the visual and written map that we share with each other and make a part of our day-to-day fabric. It becomes a part of how we explain ourselves and our efforts that we uniquely contributed to help build value. And let’s face it, road trip stories are the best adventures to share!



Design is more than drawing or a creative way of expression. Design when coupled with Process allows you to focus on the composition so that you can organize the chaos of what is convoluted and entangled into an organized outline that can now be easily digested. Think of Design as the ‘top 10 places to go’ when on a road trip that gives you that amazing list from the local’s viewpoint.

Design, when done right and combined with Process, creates those guidebooks for you and your friends to pour through before your road trip.



Change Management is the maestro that engages our heart and minds, by bolstering the desires of everyone to travel into uncharted territories. It is more than a Human Resources run program or an IT committee over a requested new piece of software/access. It is the deep-rooted mighty oak that offers safe space where leaders empower each other to be genuine. This is where ambassadors are born.

Change management, when done right, is what binds process and design together so that we can positively align our day-to-day efforts to the True North that will lead us to a sustainable ability to co-create value.

Join me in future Story Sessions as we break this down further and explore each one of these and some tips on how to approach their use!



The founder of Process Storytelling Enterprises in Idaho’s Treasure Valley, JoAnna holds an MBA from Colorado Technical University with a focus on Organizational Behavior, Magnum Cum Laude and a BS in Finance. Including ITIL 4 Foundations, Essence of eXperience, LSSBB and PMP certifications. Her posts focus on delving into the extensive tools of the trade to help sharpen your skillset, stretch beyond your comfort zone as a leader, and improve your business' perpetual ability to successfully identify how to co-create value.

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