The founder of Process Storytelling Enterprises in Idaho’s Treasure Valley, JoAnna holds an MBA from Colorado Technical University with a focus on Organizational Behavior, Magnum Cum Laude and a BS in Finance. Including ITIL 4 Foundations, Essence of eXperience, LSSBB and PMP certifications. Her posts focus on delving into the extensive tools of the trade to help sharpen your skillset, stretch beyond your comfort zone as a leader, and improve your business' perpetual ability to successfully identify how to co-create value.


Process Storytelling 101

Let’s begin our Story Session No. 2! This Story is aimed at giving you an understanding of the ‘what’ Process Storytelling is and ‘how’ you can utilize it in your day to day.   Welcome to Process Storytelling 101   Sooooo, what is process storytelling and why on earth should anyone, let alone you, care?…


Never Do 1 Thing for 1

Welcome to our First Story Session! When I started down this path of setting up Process Storytelling Enterprises and looking deep within to understand the why I wanted this journey to begin so badly, I had to define purpose and goals. Wellllll… that part was clear and easy, I wanted to do what I loved…